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About us

College sports is a huge business. As a result, prospective athletes should treat it just like that; a business. Rate My College Coaches is a tool created by an athlete for other athletes. The website aims to give prospective student-athletes and parents alike, the required resources to help them make an informed business decision.

Your Experience Matters

At Rate My College Coaches, we believe that your college athlete experience should be amazing and enthralling. However, the recruiting process is just not enough to give you an idea of what your actual experience will be. Rate My College Coaches provides you with detailed, unbiased, well-thought out ratings of head coaches in the NCAA, NAIA, and the NJCAA by current student-athletes. This will help close the information gap and, at the same time, help prospective student-athletes make the best decision for their college career.


Finally… Some Good Dez Bryant News.

Unless you’re a loyal fan or social media follower, you probably don’t hear much about Dez Bryant these days. Until days like yesterday, of course. That’s because Dez Bryant, after what has been almost two years, is back in the NFL. Well, okay. That probably paints too exciting of a picture. To put it more […]
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transfer basketball player Pedro Bradshaw

Player Profile: Pedro Bradshaw’s Journey to Bellarmine

Transferring colleges three times is no one’s ideal experience. Yet, for Bellarmine guard Pedro Bradshaw, that has been his on-going reality.  Bradshaw initially committed to four years at Belmont in 2017, but after he found himself outside of the gameday rotation – when he initially thought he would be playing – he grew discontent with […]
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ACC Basketball’s All-Time Greatest Players

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has provided basketball fanatics and NBA fans with some of the most entertaining, talented, and passionate athletes the world has ever seen. My top-five for the ACC all-time list are each unique in their playing styles and basketball stories, but they all have one thing in common. Each inspired players […]
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The Spencer Rattler Era Begins

OU’s head Football coach, Lincoln Riley, officially named Spencer Rattler the starting quarterback. After a back and forth battle with Tanner Mordecai, the Rattler era will officially begin Sept.12 against Missouri State.  Embed from Getty Images While most fans expected Rattler to win the job, he has his work cut out for him. The young […]
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All-Time ACC Honorable Mentions

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is arguably the best basketball conference in the NCAA. With its impressive amount of championships, All-Americans, and legendary coaches, it’s hard to say the ACC isn’t the most successful conference ever to exist! But, what about success stories after college? Has the ACC produced what are possibly the best NBA […]
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Big 10 Off-Season Snapshot: Maryland

Maryland finished first in the Big 10 standings with a record of 14-6. It was eyeing a deep run in March, but the subsequent pandemic ended that prematurely. Last week we covered the revolving door that is Ohio State’s roster. This week we take a glance at the rough offseason the Terps have gone through. […]
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Why Athletes Must Have a Voice

The United States can be a divisive place, but nothing unites us like watching athletes compete. People love the chance to escape reality and spend time watching others do battle in a variety of ways. It can be easy to overlook the lives of the athletes we love to admire. To treat them all as […]
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Iowa Hawkeyes: A fight of Football and Racism

The culture of racism in football has been prevalent for decades. While these things are normally pushed under the rug, the tide has changed in recent years. Athletes are speaking against the toxic environments that they were apart of during their time in college. Coaches get away with too much and receive little consequences as […]
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NCAA vs. The State of Mississippi

Saying 2020 has been a hell of a year would be an understatement. Only halfway through, basketball legend Kobe Bryant has passed, there is an ongoing global pandemic and this country’s racial roots has reared its ugly head again when white Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. Floyd’s murder put the country on notice […]
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