Revenge for Arsenal in Quarter Final

Arsenal's Banter Era, Mikel Arteta's Charge, Bayern's Dilemma, The Attacking Front, Game Changers

Arsenal’s revenge against Bayern Munich is a real possibility. The quarter-finals for the Champions League have been confirmed and we will have excellent matches, but the Arsenal versus Bayern game will be one of the best matches this year. 

Arsenal’s Banter Era

Arsenal will be looking for revenge against Bayern Munich who will be their biggest test so far. The last time Arsenal was in the Champions League was back in the 16/17 season. In that campaign, they got eliminated by Bayern Munich in the round of 16 and lost both matches 5 to 1. 

Ever since that day, they have struggled to make it back to the Champions League. They usually get a Europa League spot but have never managed to win it. The furthest they competed was the final but they lost against London rivals Chelsea. Arsenal have gone through many rebuilds with different managers. They even got rid of their legendary manager Arsène Wenger because of poor results.

They finally hit the bank with current manger Mikel Arteta. But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows with him. He finished eighth twice and fifth before challenging for trophies.

Mikel Arteta’s Charge

Over these past two years they have made really good progress. They almost won the league last year and this year they’re leading the title race once again. Arsenal are looking like a dangerous team once again. They have rejuvenated their squad and got rid of the deadwood. They have some of the best players in their position like Saka, Saliba, Rice, and Ødegaard .

Unlike 7 years ago Arsenal seem to have the upper hand this time. Arsenal have one of the best defenses in the world if not the best right now. They have only conceded 24 goals in the league this season which is the lowest in the Premier League. Arsenal have also taken their set pieces to another level this season. Having very physical and tall players in the lineups is a huge help in that.

Bayern’s Dilemma

Bayern have a lot of problems in the pitch and the dressing room. A lot of the players don’t agree with their current manager Thomas Tuchel and there’s been so many arguments that Tuchel is leaving at the end of the season.

 Bayern aren’t doing so well in the league, they’re behind first place Bayern Leverkusen by 10 points. Injuries and having a shaky defense have been part of their downfall this season. A lot of their big players haven’t been clutch when the team needs them to be.

The Attacking Front

Even though Arsenal have the better team overall, Bayern’s attack is a huge problem. Kane is having the best individual season of his career right now with 31 goals breaking his record from last season where he scored 30 goals. He is also the player that has scored the most goals in the London Derby with 14 goals and 3 assists.


Right behind Kane you have Musiala, who is one of the best players in the world already at the age of 21. He has a flair that is rare to see in Germans and so technical that he makes everything look so easy. Not only does he have an eye for a pass, but he can also score goals. In the wings Coman and Sane will be running  behind them. They will use their speed to make runs and to find Kane for the cross or the cut back.

Game Changers

But Arsenal have the tools to counter Bayern’s firepower. They have two titans for center backs that can handle Kane. Kane tends to struggle with defenders that get physical with him and Gabriel is known for that. He is also performing at his best this season, shutting down a lot of attackers and scoring many goals from set pieces.

In the middle of the park they have Rice and Ødegaard who are natural leaders and show up when it matters. Ødegaard is a creative machine who can place any pass with his eyes closed. He is a smooth dribbler who can open up space with just his movement. 

Rice is a workhorse, he could start for any team in the world. He has really raised the bar after joining Arsenal earlier this season. You’re seeing a different side to his game. He can’t just only defend but can carry the ball with his big strides and break the lines with passes from the midfield. Rice has become an old school number eight. Someone that can defend and attack when the team needs it. 

On the right hand side you have Saka who is the second best right winger in the world. He has goals and assists in his bag. Saka over the past two years has come up clutch for club and national team. He will be a nightmare for the Bayern defense.

I think Arsenal will just edge the win by a goal, but I can see Bayern taking it because of the experience their players and coach have while the Arsenal squad is very young and inexperienced in the Champions League. If Arsenal gets revenge for past results against Bayern the story will be amazing. Then playing Madrid or City in the semis and possibly winning the Champions League for the first time in their history.