Chicago White Sox Potential Move

White Sox could be relocated 2.5 miles north of their current stadium

The White Sox could be moving out of their beloved Bridgeport neighborhood. The potential new home? Chicago’s newly developed South Loop neighborhood called “The 78”.

The 78 is a 7-billion-dollar project. You read that right. The new neighborhood will include affordable housing, bars and restaurants, an addition to the river walk, academia, and arts and entertainment.

White Sox owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, is seeking 1 billion dollars from the state of Illinois to help fund the new stadium. Reinsdorf has been hinting at the development of a new stadium as recently as last summer. At that time, Reinsdorf considered moving the team to Nashville to get a newer ballpark, but later those talks were put to bed once interest in a new ballpark in the South Loop became more realistic.

Going, going, and the White Sox are gone?

The White Sox are one of the oldest ballclubs in the MLB. In addition, Bridgeport has housed the Sox for over 100 years. The Sox have celebrated two World Series titles during its century-long tenure in Bridgeport. In the early 1900’s, the neighborhood was a predominantly Irish Catholic community. Today, the neighborhood houses many members of the Chicago Police and Fire Department. After a 100 year stint, you can bet that the Bridgeport community is devastated by the potential move.

Lifelong Sox fan and Bridgeport native, Cassidy Otero said, “I think the potential move out of Bridgeport is crazy… They should be spending money on more important things, like a World Series-winning team.”

Alderwoman Nicole Lee represents the historic Bridgeport area. She is making a stand and is not giving up the fight to keep the Sox in Bridgeport. In a Chicago Block Club article, Lee said, “And no matter what, there has to be redevelopment along 35th Street, to try to keep the Sox there or to attract somebody new. That’s where my focus is.”

Competition brews in the Windy City

Some Sox fans believe the move is to compete with another beloved ballpark in the city, Wrigley Field. It’s not a secret that Wrigley Field is one of the most treasured Chicago landmarks. The entire neighborhood is centered around the Chicago Cubs; bars, restaurants, and Cubs stores fill every square inch of the neighborhood.

Otreo expressed dissatisfaction about the potential move stating, “They’re just trying to make the move to the South Loop just like Wrigleyville and more of a tourist attraction the Sox will ever be.” Just like Cassidy, White Sox fans are concerned this potential move has more to do with a new aesthetic for the team.

The White Sox’s lease at Guarantee Rate Field ends in 2029. Until then, the Sox will remain in Bridgeport.