Meet the Jack of All Trades, Ashley Johnson

MLB agent Lee Johnson is ready to take on any challenge

Ashley Johnson is a full-time MLB agent who recently earned her J.D. to become a lawyer. She worked relentlessly to stay on top of her studies while fulfilling her client’s needs. Still, Johnson embraces the demanding career path she has chosen.

How a critical injury changed the trajectory of Johnson’s career

Part of Lee’s passion for sports comes from her experience as a high-level athlete. She played basketball throughout her childhood which progressed into college. In college, Lee continued to ball on the court until a devasting back injury would leave her sidelined indefinitely. Lee knew that this injury would cost her her college basketball career. However, keeping her away from sports would be nearly impossible. Lee pivoted her sports career in a different direction. She decided to become an MLB agent. In September 2021, Lee passed the MLBPA General Agent Certification Exam.

Balancing agent loyalties and a law degree

Johnson admits it wasn’t easy balancing her client’s needs all while studying for her law degree. She mentions that even her law professors advised against the unorthodox path. Luckily, Lee is unorthodox in that she flourishes when faced with challenges no matter how impossible they seem. Johnson has a stubborn mindset that keeps her going to succeed.

When I got the opportunity to interview Lee she was adamant that “I am always going to be authentically me,” and she truly is.

Johnson ensures her clients she will always take care of their every need

Johnson’s family-first mindset helps build everlasting relationships with her clients. Lee makes sure to nuture a strong connection with her clients to ensure effective mentorship. Johnson wants her clients to feel like they can express any doubts or concerns with her at any time. Building trust is the key to fulfilling her client’s needs. Johnson has a unique approach to business that should push her forward in this industry for years to come.

Agent Lee stands out from the rest

Lee’s ambitious, relatable, and quick-witted personality makes her seem destined for great success. There is nothing in Lee’s way that will stop her because of the hard work she has put in to be where she is now.

Representation matters

Johnson has always been drawn to a career in sports. The lack of representation in the field fueled her desire to be the change she wanted to see. According to Statista in 2023 only 30% of people who work in the MLB are women. The numbers presumably drop when factoring in Black women. The numbers become more staggering for people who have law degrees. According to the American Bar Association, only 5% of lawyers are Black. “I really want to give Black women a voice” Lee said, and she seems on track to do so.