Meet Beth Stenz

Beth Stenz is a financial advisor for players in the NFL. Learn about her unique approach to business.


Beth Stenz works with NFL players as a financial advisor. Her commitment to ensuring her clients are cared for throughout their lives separates her from others.

Stenz’s Background

Her passion for sports began at a young age. Stenz grew up in the Boulder, Colorado area with a sports-loving family. A family who loved rooting for the University of Colorado Boulder Buffalos. As a teenager, Beth babysat the University of Colorado Boulder’s coaches children. Being exposed to sports at a young age inspired Stenz to follow a career path that led her to work with athletes.

More Than the Job Title

On the Her Table podcast Stenz said beyond her financial role, “I’m a best friend, psychologist, and a life coach.” Stenz emphasized that financial advising is more than just a job, it’s her passion. She’s always looking out for the client’s best interest. It’s about more than money, it’s about preparing clients for a successful future.

Stenz cherishes her relationships with her clients. In fact, there is some information that her clients only trust her with as her clients will sometimes express concerns to Beth about what will happen to their kids after they die, divorce, and medical diagnoses. She values how much her clients trust her with sensitive information. In an interview with RateMyCollegeCoaches.com, Beth said, “You really become a mentor or a confidant or… more than just a friend… you almost become a family member.”

Beth wants to ensure every client’s goals are met, even if they are not financial. “Those goals might not be financial, but they need financial means to accomplish,” Beth said.  Whether it’s making sure their children can attend college or buying their mom a home, these goals require financial stability.

More Money Doesn’t Mean More Problems

Stenz explained that people’s childhood influences, whether they have a good or bad relationship with money as adults, no matter our parent’s financial standing, or our parents’ influence shapes how we think of money. Stenz is ready to have tough conversations to reform the way her clients spend and make plans to use their money to reach freedom and stability.