WNBA: Could Toronto Possibly be Expecting a Team

The hope of a WNBA team in Toronto, Canada could turn into a reality as Canadian sports influencers and icons speak up.

The WNBA currently has teams ranging across America, but as sports influencers and other major icons speak up for the creation of a new team in Toronto, Canada, there are questions up in the air about making it a reality. Could there possibly be a new team coming to Toronto?

Former Canadian basketball player Meghan McPeak speaks up about bringing the WNBA to Toronto after Canadian Hip Hop Icon Drake sends out a tweet. This has brought more attention and opportunity to women’s basketball in Canada. The possible dreams of Canadian women for playing professionally in their country can finally turn into a reality.

As McPeak mentioned, this could be a turning point for women’s basketball in Canada. There are possibilities of having more eyes and scouting potential for those playing across the country. It could make players have more ambition, and work harder to reach their goals . Young players in Canada could finally have the access to play professionally in the WNBA in their home country.

The dreams of many young, female canadian basketball players of trying to play professionally in Canada seem to be a bit harder to fulfill than those of American origin. In America, top basketball universities scout high schools across the country, but may avoid heading up north if it is out of the way. Bringing in a WNBA team could possibly be a step closer to having more scouting opportunities for young athletes. It can create more possibilities for Canadian basketball players to make it to the WNBA.

The opportunities for athletes that come along with bringing a WNBA team to Toronto are endless. It could be worth bringing in a team to inspire those who have big ambitions of playing professionally.

The WNBA has a chance to spread their fanbase across Canada drawing more attention to women in basketball.

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If the WNBA is brought to Toronto, it would be an exciting event for Canadians to attend. This could draw more attention to their hometown players across the country. Toronto is one of the many sports cities that recently seems to be receiving more attention.

When the Toronto Raptors won the championship in 2019, Canadians were proud and all eyes were on the NBA team and Toronto globally. The possibility of bringing in another sports team to the city could bring in more fans and set the competition higher if successful.

There could be more successful broadcasting of the WNBA, as there will be an increase in Canadian fans. This could potentially benefit all WNBA social media platforms, thus increasing the impact of women in sports. A new Canadian team will help the league stay the hot topic for sports.

Toronto has the potential to gain more attention and a wider fanbase by adding a WNBA team to the city. When there is attention brought to a certain player or team, every sports platform is already talking about it.

Sports fans are proud of their team’s success and are dedicated to watching the game, especially in Canada. The creation of a WNBA team in Toronto will create another team for kids and adults alike to look forward to watching and rooting for. It would be exciting to get the chance to watch players have the opportunity to play in the country where they grew up in.

Since Drake mentioned wanting a WNBA team in his home city, the chance it will happen has increased.

The hopes are up for bringing a WNBA team to Toronto as sports influencers talk more about it. This could bring endless opportunities to Canada along with women’s basketball.





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