Taylor Swift Isn’t Ruining Football, Toxic Masculinity Is.

Taylor Swift has been in the NFL's limelight since her appearances at Chiefs' games

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It’s not an unknown secret that superstar Taylor Swift has been spotted at NFL games lately supporting her boyfriend Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Many of Swift’s supporters have been happy to spot her at the games. Her appearances at games have unlocked an entirely new fan base for the NFL. 

However with all of the love and support Taylor’s fans have been giving to the NFL, some NFL fans have been displeased. NFL fans have been outraged by how many times she’s shown throughout a game. Instead, fans would rather see the game.

A recent study done by the New York Times found that Swift appears on average for around 25 seconds a game. The average NFL game lasts around 3 hours and 12 minutes. 

So, if Swift is being shown for less than a minute a game, why has this caused an uproar in anger for fans?

In all reality, Swift has helped the NFL unlock an entirely new fanbase. This is a fact. Since Swift’s appearances started, viewership have risen by 7% from last year. Swift has generated $331 million dollars for the NFL since the start of her relationship in September. 


This boils down to one question as to why some NFL fans are angry about Taylor Swift’s face being on the screen for 25 seconds a game. The answer is misogyny. 


Swift doesn’t control how much time she appears on television during a game. She’s not using this publicity as an opportunity to promote anything. She doesn’t need any more publicity, she’s Taylor Swift. She is simply supporting her boyfriend during a football game. 

Many male celebrities have been shown at NBA, NHL, and MLB games. No one bats an eye about seeing their faces in the crowd supporting their favorite sports team. The instant a successful and talented woman is, all Hell breaks loose.