LaMelo Ball’s Future Clear as 2020

Ball's Draft Stock
The 2020 draft is coming up in a few months, and it will be full of gems just waiting to be discovered. But we can be honest here; the draft class is not particularly deep. On top of that, defense is almost an afterthought when building a team in the NBA these days. Talents like James Wiseman are solid, but he is a center. With such an emphasis on shooting, teams nowadays operate as if they don’t need centers to win. Some of the top teams have some very questionable body types playing the five right now.

So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s go deeper in the future draft class. Now, most of the top prospects currently are guardsโ€” what a shocker. Shooting guard Cole Anthony has solid fundamentals. He has a good stroke and higher-than-average persistence. Though, his footwork and handles need work.

Anthony Edwards has cleaner technique. He has more bounce and little hesitation. Edwards has good size and takes advantage of it well by releasing the ball well above his head when shooting. One thing to note about his game, is his use of distance as a weapon.Yes, he will shoot. Yes, he has some size, but what separates him is his anticipation. When you see him pull up from three, pay attention. Even on a catch and shoot, he’s already decided where he’s going to release the ball from. Any fakes or steps he takes before that are merely a formality. This man right here is a playmaker.

Deni Avdija, out of Israel, is a player to watch out for as well

While not the most physically imposing guy, he gets after it. He has hustle, he has swagger, and he is not one to let you pull up in his face in the paint. Expect this guy to go in the top ten, at least.

Avdija’s vision is solid, but his passing is sloppy. He needs to work a lot to improve if he wants to avoid turnovers in the NBA.

There is one guy, though, that can get you the ball just where you need it every time. A tall, aggressive shooter that made some noise down under.

LaMelo Ball is a top prospect and has the style to go number one for any team. Yes, I am a hype beast. And no, I do not feel ashamed. None of that matters anyway. What matters is this guy’s game.

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The baby Ball brother is a shooter, boy! He will pull up from anywhere. Uptown, downtown, he will let one go from the boondocks whether you guard him or not! Everywhere he goes, he has to pull up. When he’s wide-open, he pulls up. When double-teamed, he pulls up. He even pulls up from half-court. Then, you will sit and watch while the ball flies over your head into the hoop. Some of these shots are from a disrespectful range.

This kid has a court vision that’s ahead of his time. More importantly, he throws dimes and has become more of a willing passer. Any player putting up numbers would be happy to play with him. If you heat up, he will step aside and let you be great.

Look at his game, look at his handles. He will cross over anybody- old people, little kids, even his own brother on camera. If you guard him in a wheelchair, he will make your wheels squeak. They call him the ankle bully for a reason.

Many say the Warriors are tanking this season so that they can draft LaMelo. They have the coaching staff and players to mentor LaMelo, and Golden State would be a good spot for him. More likely, he will get picked up by a team looking to make him the centerpiece. Ideally, that team will have some solid veterans that can rebound and shoot. And no matter where he goes, hopefully, it is not to a franchise that has notoriously poor leadership.


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