Kansas Basketball – The Most Consistent and Successful College Program Ever


The University of Kansas is synonymous with college basketball with well over 100 years of history, tradition, and most importantly, wins. Five National Championships, 15 Final Fours, over 50 Big 12 regular-season titles, and over 2,300 total wins, which is second all-time, trailing only Kentucky.

Just three years removed from doing the impossible and rattling off 14 straight Big 12 regular-season titles, breaking John Wooden’s record at UCLA, Kansas has done it again. The Jayhawks have now gone 223 straight weeks being ranked in the AP top 25 poll ranging back to 2009.

The previous record of 221 was held by UCLA, again proving why the University of Kansas is the most consistent and successful program of all time. And yes, that means above the rest of the blue bloods โ€“Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina. Here are the numbers.


Kansas Basketball: 2,306-863


Since current head coach Bill Self took over in 2003, the Kansas Jayhawks have posted a decent record of 501-109, improving Kansas’s record to 2,306-863, making it the second winningest program of all time.


Bill Selfโ€™s record with Kansas Basketball as of 12/10/20.
AP High
AP Final
2003-04 Kansas 33 24 9 .727 1 16 NCAA Tourney
2004-05 Kansas 30 23 7 .767 1 12 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney
2005-06 Kansas 33 25 8 .758 12 12 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2006-07 Kansas 38 33 5 .868 2 2 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2007-08 Kansas 40 37 3 .925 2 4 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney; NCAA FF; NCAA Champ
2008-09 Kansas 35 27 8 .771 9 14 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney
2009-10 Kansas 36 33 3 .917 1 1 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2010-11 Kansas 38 35 3 .921 1 2 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2011-12 Kansas 39 32 7 .821 3 6 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney; NCAA FF
2012-13 Kansas 37 31 6 .838 2 3 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2013-14 Kansas 35 25 10 .714 2 10 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney
2014-15 Kansas 36 27 9 .750 5 10 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney
2015-16 Kansas 38 33 5 .868 1 1 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney
2016-17 Kansas 36 31 5 .861 1 3 Reg. Season Champ; NCAA Tourney
2017-18 Kansas 39 31 8 .795 2 4 Reg. Season Champ; Conf. Tourney Champ; NCAA Tourney; NCAA FF
2018-19 Kansas 36 26 10 .722 1 17 NCAA Tourney
2019-20 Kansas 31 28 3 .903 1 1 Reg. Season Champ
2020-21 Kansas 6 5 1 .833 5
Career Overall 928 713 215 .768
Kansas 616 506 110 .821
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Generated 12/10/2020.


In 15 out of 17 years under Bill Self, the Jayhawks have been ranked in the top five at some point during the season. Furthermore, they have only finished the season outside of the top ten five times and outside of the top 15 just twice.


On the other hand, Kentucky has finished outside of the top 10 nine times.


Six of those saw Kentucky go outright unranked, which is about to be seven the way this season is trending. KU has 22 straight 23-win seasons dating back to 1989, posting four straight 30-win seasons from 2009-2013, something only Memphis has ever done.

And the last time the Hawks went below .500? The 1982-83 season where they went 13-16. The Hawks have dominated a strong Big 12 conference winning 19 of the last 22 Big 12 titles. And the three they did not win, they finished in the top three.


University of Kansas Records and Home Success


Not to mention the records Kansas has shattered during this run. Fourteen straight conference titles, 223 consecutive weeks and counting in the AP top 25, as well as 35 years and counting straight of NCAA tournament bids dating back. 1983 was the last time the Kansas Jayhawks weren’t in the tournament.

Kansas’ success at home has also been a driving force for this historic run.

Since Bill Self took over, the Jayhawks are an astounding 264-14 in Allen Fieldhouse. So yes, Self has more conference titles than home losses. Along with numerous impressive home streaks in the past decade, including an astounding 69 home game win streak spanning four years from February 7, 2007, to January 22, 2011.


Kansas just simply does not lose at home.


That can also be said for programs like Duke and Kentucky, right? Well, since 2015, Duke has lost ten games at home in Cameron Indoor Stadium. In that time, Kentucky has lost ten and North Carolina fourteen. The University of Kansas, on the other hand, has just five game losses inside Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas basketball has simply been great throughout its entire history, but especially since Bill Self took over. I stated more than enough numbers proving that KU is and has been the most consistent program ever.

It has the wins, championships, players, and resume that blue bloods alike strive to match.


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