The Introduction of Logo LeBron

The 2020-21 NBA season has been full of surprises. The Utah Jazz are sitting atop of the NBA with a record of 16-5 and look to be in total control whenever they face competition. The lackluster start to the New Orleans Pelicans campaign has been disappointing for many reasons. And while Zion Williamson and Brandon […]

Megan Anderson: The Last Hope of the Featherweight Division

Women’s Featherweight (145) While it is usually good or interesting to be uniquely different from other people and promotions, that is not the case for the UFC women’s Featherweight division (145lbs). The way the 145 champion is quashing contenders, the Featherweight division is down to Megan Anderson, the last hope. Dana White has considered getting […]

2021 NBA Draft Midseason Update

With March only a little more than a month away, prospects for the 2021 NBA Draft have had more than enough time to make their case. With that, comes my 2021 NBA Draft Midseason Update. Players like Jalen Suggs have shot up draft boards, while others like Brandon Boston have failed thus far to live […]

Jazz Pelicans Round Two

The Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans faced off Thursday for the second time in three nights. Utah came out victorious in the prior matchup and was riding an NBA best six-game winning streak, and it seems like my underrated claim is off to a good start. Meanwhile, the Pelicans had lost six of their […]

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier: Devastating Risk

With Khabib Nurmagomedov out of the picture, the future of the UFC’s lightweight division is bright again. Khabib is a star himself but really got away from his trash talk and exciting fight promotion after fighting Conor McGregor. He retired a few months ago and there is a lot of speculation that he will return, […]

Are The Toronto Raptors Doomed?

Coming into last season, many expected the Toronto Raptors to take a step back after the departure of Kawhi Lenard and they were essentially just as good. This season has been the complete opposite for the Raptors. With high expectations coming into the season the Raptors are now tied with the Pistons for the worst […]

2020 NBA Underrated Edition: Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are the most slept on team in the league.But don’t take my word for it; just look at the NBA’s national TV opening week schedule. Utah is nowhere to be found despite being just a few months removed from Donovan Mitchell’s incredible playoff performance. Early media coverage – or lack thereof – […]

College basketball diary

Ian’s College Basketball Diary: Week Four

Somehow college basketball made it through another week; which means another week for my college basketball diary. The full steam ahead model gave us a college football season, and now college basketball is choosing to do the same. Nonetheless, this journal isn’t for another scathing review over the travesty this college basketball season is; I […]

The Truth Hurts.

Prominence to Stardom   Jalen Hurts is no stranger to the national stage. The rookie quarterback has always been accustomed to receiving the country’s attention. In 2016, Hurts was ranked as the #4 overall dual-threat quarterback coming out of high school. In his senior season, he passed for 2,384 yards with 26 touchdown passes and […]

college basketball diary week two

Ian’s College Basketball Diary, Week Two

College basketball – it’s a dynamic beast with many changes from week-to-week. And in the age of COVID-19, that truth is only multiplied five-fold. This week, college basketball saw a number of critical early-season matchups postponed or canceled due to the pandemic. And frankly, it stunk. Who wouldn’t have loved to see Baylor vs. Gonzaga […]

2021 NBA Draft Preview

The NBA draft is one of the most exciting events for true NBA junkies. Teams have a chance to change the future of their franchise with a single pick. Like any draft, there are good draft classes and bad draft classes, as well as an abundance of analysis like I will provide here in my […]

2020 NBA Offseason: Western Conference

The 2020 NBA offseason is behind us, and the new season is set to start about a week before the big ball drops in New York. NBA teams have been busy making moves to either build up or tear down their respective rosters. One team that’s made the most noise over the last month has […]

Undeniable Women’s Sports (Part 2)

There are three main women’s sports whose entertainment and marketing value are undeniable. The first is volleyball, which I wrote about in Part 1. The second is Tennis, and the third is MMA – Mixed Martial Arts.Personally, I prefer women’s fighting, but for the general public, these sports have the greatest appeal in the order […]

The Male Ego and Jon Jones

Combat sports are not a game. And fighters aren’t your high school clout machines or big men and women on any given college campus. They are more made up of your nerds, burnouts, and ‘demo’ students. Fighters are a different type of talent pool entirely. Fighters are noble yet still willing to hurt people. Many are […]