All Star Snubs

Each year we have the same conversation. It's impossible for everyone to make an All Star team, but there are always snubs.

To the surprise of many and the chagrin of many star playersb the NBA will be hosting an all star game in Atlanta this year. Since an all star game is being heldb there are obviously going to be some snubs. There’s only 12 spots in each conference so it’s not surprising some great players have been left out. It is also a little ridiculous that the NBA allows 17 players on a roster, but only 12 in the all star game, but these are the rules.


Trae Young

In only his third season Trae Young is having an excellent offensive season. His scoring has dipped slightly, but he’s still putting up 26ppg and 9.5ast a game. Notice I chose to say offensive season instead of just an excellent season; well there’s definitely a reason for that. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Young has been awful on defense this season. His poor defense combined with his team’s disappointing season – I understand why the coaches went with players like Lavine or Jaylen Brown instead. Trae Young is certainly an all star talent, but this just shows how important teams’ success is in the eyes of coaches.


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Ever since SGA arrived in OKC, he has done nothing but ball out. In his second season in OKC he’s putting up 23.6ppg, 5.3rbs, and 6.3ast. Despite his numbers, his team has not been great this year. This has led some to speculate that he’s just putting up empty stats. If you actually watched his game you’d know he’s not that. Given the depth of guards in the West and his team’s record, SGA not being included isn’t super surprising. He’ll certainly be an all star someday, just not this year.


Jimmy Butler 

It was pretty hard to pick between Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo for this spot, but I ultimately settled on Butler. While Adebayo has had a good season in his own right, Butler has been more important to his team. Butler is averaging 20ppg 7.8ast and 7.8rbs a game all while playing great defense and being the leader of his team. Even though Butler has put up good stats, he’s one of those players that does so many important things that can’t be quantified. Knowing Butler, this snub will just further motivate him to out work everyone on the court and I couldn’t be more excited to watch.  


Mike Conley

Another year, another Mike Conley all star snub, what’s new. In his 13th year, Conley has still managed to never appear in an all star game, despite his consistently good play for winning teams. This year Conley has been a key piece for the NBA’s best team, the Utah Jazz. Even though Conley’s 16.2ppg and 5.7ast don’t pop off the page, the Jazz wouldn’t be where they are without him. The fact he’s missed time recently with an injury and two of his teammates, Donavan Moitcheill and Rudy Gobert, also made the team, he wasn’t super likely. It’s sad Conley has never gotten the respect he deserves, but I hope he gets it one day.


Demar Derozan

Last season for the first time in 23 years, the Spurs missed the playoffs and it looked like things were only getting worse. Today, they have shocked the world so far and now sit at the fifth seed in the West. Demar Derozan has been a big part of the Spurs surprise success. Since arriving in San Antonio, Derozan has taken his play making to the next level. He’s averaging a career high 8 assists a game with 20ppg to go along with it. Derozan has been a key leader for this surprise Spurs team. With other key players being so young, it’s obvious the Spurs wouldn’t be where they are without Derozan.


Devin Booker/ Domantas Sabonis*

Since both Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis are injured, both Booker and Sabonis were chosen to replace them. Both Sabonis and Booker have been having excellent seasons and I was in shock when they both were not elected. Booker, in particular, has always been wildly disrespected. He hasn’t averaged under 20ppg since his rookie year and for some reason, he only has two all star appearances, both as a replacement. Sabonis on the other hand has been pivotal for the Pacers. His ability to create is much like his fathers’ and he has such a larger affect on the game. Even though we will see both these players in the all star game, they still are not getting the respect they deserve.

Even though there will be an all star game held this year it will not be the same. Lots of big names have expressed disinterest in playing, so expect some smaller names to shine. Instead of a guy like Lebron or Giannis winning MVP, look for a younger player like Lavine or Booker to take a shot at the trophy.  The game takes place this Sunday and even though its not the same I’ll still be watching.