Stephen Curry, the Second Best Point Guard Ever

Where does Steph Curry place as the greatest point guards of all time?

Stephen Curry is the second-best point guard ever. Throughout NBA history, we have seen many dominant point guards impact the game and leave their mark, creating a long-lasting legacy that influences the next generation.

Every point guard currently in the Hall of Fame is great and justified in being there. Yet, few have dazzled crowds and changed basketball’s landscape quite like Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has.

There’s no question that the now 32-year-old point guard will be inducted into the Nesmith Basketball Hall of Fame when his time comes. He is currently a Top-5 player in the NBA and is often considered the greatest shooter of all time, which only helps his case.

However, what fans and media continue to debate is where Stephen Curry ranks amongst the all-time greatest point guards in NBA history.

Many fans and numerous media outlets have ranked Curry in their Top-5 of all-time point guards

With that, he joins an elite group featuring Magic Johnson, John Stockton, and the Oscar Robertson. And although Magic is widely considered to be the greatest point guard of all time, there’s a case that could be made that Stephen Curry is as high as number two over Stockton, Kidd, Nash, and Oscar Robertson.

Statistically, comparing Stephen Curry to the best point guards throughout NBA history, you can see that Curry has the edge over many. His career averages and points are higher than Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Magic at 23.6 points per game.

His three-point percentage and records are what makes him different from anyone who’s played the position before. He currently owns the record for most threes made in a regular-season at 407, with 98 in the playoffs. He has led the league in three-point shooting in four of the ten seasons he has played, which is the most from any player in his position.

Steph’s accolades also give him an advantage.

So far in his career, he is a two time MVP, one of those unanimous while leading Golden State to a 73-9 record. He is a three-time NBA Champion with more time still to rack up more championships throughout his career.

Unlike Magic or Oscar, who both played against inferior talent at the point guard position during their time, Curry has faced some of the best point guards ever to play the game.

During the Warriors championship run from 2014 to 2019, Curry has faced potential Hall of Fame talent, denying Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard, and Chris Paul each a chance at winning championships.

Stephen Curry still has a long way to go before he officially hangs it up. His influence on the game of basketball has been felt everywhere, proving that you can dominate in the NBA with his size frame.