Our Fathers Are Our First Coaches

LaMelo Ball Wins Rookie of the Year

Well, well, well, LaMelo Ball wins rookie of the year. First of all, let me be the first to say I saw this coming. Can America give all of our fathers like Lavar Ball father of the year?

Far too long I have had to suffer through these media voices say that he’s ruining his son’s future. Many said that he intimidates his sons, he’s a “bully” etc. Everybody who said that needs to hit that 180 and praise this man for loving his sons and parenting them for success. How many of us wish our fathers would even play catch with us consistently? Lavar has gone above and beyond.


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What we’re not about to do is keep treating Lavar Ball like Kevin Federline. There will be no more pretending he exploited his sons’ work. We wish we had our fathers right behind us yelling, “You go son/daughter! I’m right behind you son! You’re the best son”.

Just imagine our fathers having the will and ability to teach us anything with that devotion. Picture your dad teaching you math, tennis, the debate team, darts, anything. Imagine your father making sure you get into the school of your dreams.

Visualize him getting you a personal mentor or tutor and making you famous before you ever reached that goal. LaMelo has to continue the work at the end of the day, but his parents are a critical part of his success.

The Media’s Garden of Eden

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Finally, I need to say this. I have been holding this in for years, and I can’t anymore. For years, many have attacked Lavar personally about the type of father he is.

These people who were and still pretend to be 50 year old gangbangers, people who never knew their fathers, people who were raised by their grandparents because their birth parents could not care for them, people known for assaulting their children’s stepfather, people whose own children have not accomplished anything, people who cry wolf and race bait against Lavar on national television, people who neglected their children because they were busy pursuing their own careers, and known sexual predators had the nerve to attack Lavar Ball for giving his sons a blueprint for success. They have no business saying anything about Lavar Ball as a man, or as a father and they never need to criticize him again.


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Let this be a lesson to us all to never let the outside try to pressure us to forsake our parents publicly. So many reporters tried to get the Ball brothers to suggest their father forces them to play and abuses them and everything else. I guess pulling LaMelo out of high school wasn’t as irresponsible as everyone said it was. Maybe teaching your sons to take control of their future when things go wrong is something we need to value more going forward.

Congratulations LaMelo and the Ball family, I hope you are very proud!

Happy Fathers Day Lavar!