LeBron Has Done All He Can

LeBron Casts a Large Shadow

LeBron was disgraced after losing in the first round to the Phoenix Suns. But, will be back next year to contend for the title with Anthony Davis. Understand that LeBron has more than enough to win a championship with a number 1 option who stays healthy. At this point, he could even win a title with just Kyrie instead of Anthony Davis.  

As much as I favor Jordan, if LeBron was going to lose in the playoffs, I would rather he lose in the championship. He is still that good and nowhere close to done in this league. Considering how well this team played defense this season, everyone must prepare for the Lakers next season.  

With that said, Jordan is the greatest player ever. LeBron is a basketball god, let’s be serious. He is the second-best player ever, in history. LeBron has done a great job of changing players’ styles to fit his. An even better job of changing teams at the perfect time. Unfortunately, using that system to compete for championships is running its course. These post season losses continue to plague LeBron’s efforts to be the greatest of all time.  Jordan never played with a #1, he never lost a championship, he played defense all season and never went to a championship game 7.  

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After losing in the first-round, we just accept that LeBron never quite got over that “GOAT” hump. Everyone respects LeBron, but the standard for his success is partially due to his own actions. When you hop from team to team, handpick franchises and basically hand pick the roster it makes you look really bad when you lose. This is now three teams he has played for, on historic rosters and he still has won less than half of all championships he has competed for. If Tom Brady had won 4 out of 11 Superbowls, it’s safe to say there would be relentless resistance to crowning him the greatest quarterback to live.  



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