Mark Kingston
South Carolina, U. Of

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Scouting Report 2.2
October 6, 2023 7:55 pm
During my recruiting period while in High school, you do get an opportunity to meet and talk to many coaches. I don’t feel during my three years at Carolina under Kingston reflected anything that was discussed during recruiting. There is no player development to ensure back up positions are ready to go in case of injury. Communication was sub-par. I often had to look for used uniforms (often with holes in them) and equipment to use because there wasn’t funding for it. Team culture was divided amongst “starters” and non-starters. No funding to pay to alter uniforms to feel good (look good, feel good and play good). Overall minus points for no development and poor communication. I did not get an opportunity to play for Monte when he got there but I think the team likes him. Hopefully he can push for more change.

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