Martin McCann
Daytona State College

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Scouting Report 3
March 4, 2020 5:43 pm
Coach McCann basketball IQ and player development is very good. Usually the staff he surrounds himself with is awesome, good assistants and trainers. Pretty much everything off the court is terrible. Education wise, he plans your academic schedule all around basketball. So when it is time to leave your Junior College you have no degree to show for, it is just credits to transfer. His communication skills and player relationships are terrible. If you are not playing well at the time on the court he will not help you. If he says he will reach out to somebody for you, most likely he won't.

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IQ ( 1 rating )
Ethical ( 1 rating )
Communication ( 1 rating )
Staff ( 1 rating )
Player/Individual Development ( 1 rating )
Academics ( 1 rating )