Justin Turner

What the Justin Turner?

Justin Turner and Los Dodgers, What Is You Doing?     But first, before we dive into Justin Turner and the COVID mayhem, how about a little context for these breaking (or as close to it as we can be) news articles? And if you’re not interested, no worries! Just skip a few paragraphs down […]

Iowa Hawkeyes: A fight of Football and Racism

The culture of racism in football has been prevalent for decades. While these things are normally pushed under the rug, the tide has changed in recent years. Athletes are speaking against the toxic environments that they were apart of during their time in college. Coaches get away with too much and receive little consequences as […]

Big 10 Off-Season Snapshot: Ohio State

Welcome to the second installment of the Big 10’s Off-season Snapshot series. This series looks at the men’s basketball teams in the Big Ten, noting some of their key losses, key prospects, and key returning players. If you missed week one, I covered Michigan State. You can check out their roster break-down here. Without further […]

What We Want in the Next NCAA Football Video Game

In a perfect world, NCAA Football franchise fans would be waiting with bated breath for the next video game release in July. However, as many know, that isn’t the current situation.Beyond the uncertainty of whether a season will occur this year, people don’t have a game to anticipate. NCAA officials allowed its athletes to be […]

Damien Williams: A Story of Trials and Triumph

 Let’s face it. Everyone loves a good underdog story. And when it comes to underdogs, it doesn’t get much better than Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams. Williams made history in Super Bowl 54 when he became the first player to run for over 100 yards while recording a rushing and receiving touchdown. His […]