Damien Williams: A Story of Trials and Triumph

 Let’s face it. Everyone loves a good underdog story. And when it comes to underdogs, it doesn’t get much better than Kansas City Chiefs running back Damien Williams. Williams made history in Super Bowl 54 when he became the first player to run for over 100 yards while recording a rushing and receiving touchdown. His […]

A Sudden Goodbye for NCAA Seniors

Whether the coronavirus is actually real, just a conspiracy, or nothing much worse than the age-old flu, it is something that the entire world is taking very seriously. Personally, I’m not too big on conspiracy theories. If I’m being honest, they scare me. So I’ve never been one to dive headfirst into the Reddit conversations. […]

Eligibility Relief After Coronavirus Cancelations

Coronavirus cancelations hit us all by surprise, and student-athletes need eligibility relief. First, we thought, well, there is an outbreak in China, but it’s half a world away. We thought news outlets were exaggerating the severity of the virus. For the most part, everyone was prepared to simply get on with their lives. They paid the […]

Sabrina Ionescu: Abrupt end to her final season

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Coronavirus, AKA COVID-19, has put the sports world on pause. With that, the NCAA was forced to cancel its annual season-ending tournament, March Madness. And despite the NCAA granting seniors another year of eligibility, players still wanted to stamp a championship to their legacy this […]

The Transfer Portal’s Effect on College Football

Embed from Getty Images The debut of the transfer portal in October 2018 has taken the world of college football by storm. Headlined by Ohio State’s star quarterback Justin Fields, the transfer portal has added a new dynamic to recruiting across all sports.  Whether you love it or hate it, the transfer portal is here […]

Sexual Assault and College Sports

Sexual assault on college campuses is no secret. Yet, sexual assault within college sports is a growing epidemic. College sports fans can all remember when cases like Penn State football, Baylor football, and Michigan State gymnastics first broke. These cases, all public, exemplified a major issue with college athletics. That issue? College sports gives those […]

An Unbreakable Bond

Not to be dramatic, but if you were to tell me that the earth stopped spinning when Kobe and Gianna Bryant tragically died in a plane crash, I would have believed you. I was coaching at a volleyball tournament when a fellow coach approached me and said, “Kobe Bryant is dead.” All I could say […]

March Madness 2020: Anybody Can Get It!

March Madness is upon us, and look out, because anybody can get it this year! The closer we get to selection Sunday, the more the excitement starts to take over. Personally, I like to see the Cinderella team win it every time. Whether it’s Mercer, Butler, or anyone else, the celebration is that much more […]

An HBCU Experience: The Celebration Bowl

It’s no secret that Historically Black Colleges and Universities – commonly known as HBCUs – have a significant disadvantage when it comes to the athletic spotlight compared to its’ predominantly white-school counterparts. The Celebration Bowl is a time where the best black college football programs get to meet up on network television to show the […]

Finding This Year’s Cinderella

The 2019-2020 NCAA men’s basketball regular season has ended. Conference titles have been awarded, and now most Division-1 tournaments are in full swing. Selection Sunday is just one week away, and so is the beginning of the mad dash to complete brackets and place bets on all of the games. What was last year like? Sure, […]

What Lamar Jackson’s MVP could mean for the NFL’s future

The most poignant words of Lamar Jackson’s interview after getting drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2018 were: “They’re gonna get a Super Bowl out of me. Believe that.” "They're gonna get a Super Bowl out of me, believe that." – Lamar Jackson after being drafted by the @Ravens with the last pick of the […]

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The Wild West of the Big 10

The Big 10 has a serious problem on their hands. They are too competitive this season. This past college basketball season, eight of the Big 10’s teams made the tournament in March. This season it looks like more teams will be going dancing. As it stands now, 12 of the 14 Big Ten teams will […]

LaMelo Ball’s Future Clear as 2020

The 2020 draft is coming up in a few months, and it will be full of gems just waiting to be discovered. But we can be honest here; the draft class is not particularly deep. On top of that, defense is almost an afterthought when building a team in the NBA these days. Talents like […]

Way Too Early 2020 Fantasy Rookie Rankings

With the NFL combine a week away and the NFL draft a little over two months away, we can begin to start projecting the best rookie fantasy players for the upcoming season. This class is loaded with stud receivers, good backs and will likely have 4-5 quarterbacks taken in the first round. 1) Joe Burrow […]